Solaris 10 Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations

Chapter 7 Preparing to Install From the Network (Overview)

This chapter provides an introduction on how to set up your local area network and systems to install the Solaris software from the network instead of from DVD or CD media. This chapter provides overview information on the following topics.

For information on how to install a client over a wide area network, see Chapter 11, WAN Boot (Overview).

Planning for a Network Installation Introduction

This section provides you with information you need before you can perform an installation from the network. Network installations enable you to install the Solaris software from a system, called an install server, that has access to the Solaris 10 disc images. You copy the contents of the Solaris 10 DVD or CD media to the install server's hard disk. Then, you can install the Solaris software from the network by using any of the Solaris installation methods.

Required Servers for Network Installation

To install the Solaris OS from the network, the systems to be installed require the following servers to be present on the network.

Figure 7–1 illustrates the servers that are typically used for network installation. Note that this sample network does not include a DHCP server.

Figure 7–1 Network Installation Servers

This illustration depicts the servers that are typically
used for network installation.

x86: Overview of Booting and Installing Over the Network With PXE

This section provides an overview of the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE).

x86: What is PXE?

PXE network boot is a “direct” network boot. No boot media is required on the client system. With PXE, you can install an x86 based client over the network by using DHCP.

PXE network boot is available only for devices that implement the Intel Preboot Execution Environment specification. To determine if your system supports PXE network boot, see your hardware manufacturer's documentation.

In the Solaris 10 3/05 and earlier releases, the Solaris boot diskette is still available for systems that do not support PXE. The boot diskette image is available on the Solaris 10 Software for x86 Platforms - 2 CD. The Solaris boot diskette is not available in the Solaris 10 2/06 release.

x86: Guidelines for Booting With PXE

To boot over the network by using PXE, you need the following systems.

When you are preparing to use PXE to install a client over the network, consider the following issues.