Solaris 10 Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations

ProcedureSolaris 10 3/05 for x86: To Boot the Client Over the Network (CDs)

To install the system over the network, you must instruct the client system to boot over the network. Enable network boot on the client system by using the BIOS setup program in the system BIOS, the network adapter BIOS, or both. On some systems, you must also adjust the boot device priority list so that network boot is attempted before booting from other devices. See the manufacturer's documentation for each setup program, or watch for setup program instructions during boot.

Before You Begin

This procedure assumes that you have completed the following tasks.

This procedure also assumes that your system can boot from the network. If your system cannot boot from the network, you must create a boot diskette to install over the network. See Solaris 10 3/05 for x86: Copying the Boot Software to a Diskette for information about how to create a boot diskette.

  1. Turn on the system.

  2. Type the appropriate keystroke combination to enter the system BIOS.

    Some PXE-capable network adapters have a feature that enables PXE boot if you type a particular keystroke in response to a brief boot-time prompt.

  3. In the system BIOS, instruct the system to boot from the network.

    See your hardware documentation for information about how to set the boot priority in the BIOS.

  4. Exit the BIOS.

    The system boots from the network.

  5. When prompted, select an installation type.

    • To install with the Solaris interactive installation GUI, type 1 and Enter.

    • To perform a custom JumpStart installation, type 2 and Enter.

    • To install with the Solaris interactive text installer in a desktop session, type 3 and Enter.

    • To install with the Solaris interactive text installer in a console session, type 4 and Enter.

    The installation program begins.

  6. If you are prompted, answer the system configuration questions.

    If you are using the installation GUI, after you confirm the system configuration information, the Welcome to Solaris dialog box appears.

  7. After the system boots and installs over the network, instruct the system to boot from the disk drive on subsequent boots.

See Also

For information about how to complete an interactive installation with the Solaris installation GUI, see To Install or Upgrade With the Solaris Installation Program in Solaris 10 Installation Guide: Basic Installations.