Solaris 10 Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations

x86: GRUB Device Naming Conventions

The device naming conventions that GRUB uses are slightly different from previous Solaris OS versions. Understanding the GRUB device naming conventions can assist you in correctly specifying drive and partition information when you configure GRUB on your system.

The following table describes the GRUB device naming conventions.

Table 4–1 Naming Conventions for GRUB Devices

Device Name 


(fd0), (fd1)

First diskette, second diskette 


Network device 

(hd0,0), (hd0,1)

First and second fdisk partition of first bios disk

(hd0,0,a), (hd0,0,b)

Solaris/BSD slice 0 and 1 on first fdisk partition on the first bios disk

Note –

All GRUB device names must be enclosed in parentheses. Partition numbers are counted from 0 (zero), not from 1.

For more information about fdisk partitions, see Guidelines for Creating an fdisk Partition in System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems.