Solaris 10 Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations

x86: Where to Find Information About GRUB Based Installations

For more information about these changes, see the following references:

Table 4–2 Where to Find Information on GRUB Based Installations


GRUB Menu Tasks 

For More Information 


To install from the Solaris OS CD or DVD media 

Solaris 10 Installation Guide: Basic Installations.

To install from a network installation image 

Part II, Installing Over a Local Area Network


To configure a DHCP server for network installations 

Preconfiguring System Configuration Information With the DHCP Service (Tasks)


To install with the Custom JumpStart program 

Performing a Custom JumpStart Installation in Solaris 10 Installation Guide: Custom JumpStart and Advanced Installations


To activate or fall back to a boot environment by using Solaris Live Upgrade 

System Administration 

For more detailed information about GRUB and for administrative tasks 

Chapter 11, GRUB Based Booting (Tasks), in System Administration Guide: Basic Administration