Solaris 10 Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations

Create the System Configuration File

Create a system configuration file that lists the locations of the sysidcfg file and the custom JumpStart files on the install server. Save this file in a directory that is accessible to the WAN boot server.

In the following example, the wanboot-cgi program looks for the sysidcfg and custom JumpStart files in the document root directory of the WAN boot server. The domain name of the WAN boot server is The WAN boot server is configured to use secure HTTP, so the data and files are protected during the installation.

In this example, the system configuration file is named sys-conf.s10–sparc, and the file is saved in the /etc/netboot hierarchy on the WAN boot server. The sysidcfg and custom JumpStart files are located in the flash subdirectory of the document root directory.