Solaris 10 Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations

Create and Validate the rules File

The custom JumpStart programs use the rules file to select the correct installation profile for the wanclient-1 system. Create a text file that is named rules. Then, add keywords and values to this file.

The IP address of the wanclient-1 system is, and the netmask is Use the network rule keyword to specify the profile that the custom JumpStart programs should use to install wanclient-1.

network - wanclient_1_prof - 

This rules file instructs the custom JumpStart programs to use the wanclient_1_prof to install the Solaris 10 software on wanclient-1.

Name this rule file wanclient_rule.

After you create the profile and the rules file, you run the check script to verify that the files are valid.

wanserver-1# ./check -r wanclient_rule

If the check script does not find any errors, the script creates the rules.ok file.

Save the rules.ok file in the /opt/apache/htdocs/flash/ directory.