Solaris 10 Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations

Create the Client's Profile

For the wanclient-1 system, create a profile that is named wanclient_1_prof. The wanclient_1_prof file contains the following entries, which define the Solaris 10 software to be installed on the wanclient-1 system.

# profile keywords         profile values
# ----------------         -------------------
install_type               flash_install
partitioning               explicit
filesys                    c0t1d0s0 4000 /
filesys                    c0t1d0s1 512 swap
filesys                    c0t1d0s7 free /export/home

The following list describes some of the keywords and values from this example.


The profile installs a Solaris Flash archive on the clone system. All files are overwritten as in an initial installation.


The compressed Solaris Flash archive is retrieved from wanserver-1.


The file system slices are determined by the filesys keywords, value explicit. The size of root (/) is based on the size of the Solaris Flash archive. The size of swap is set to the necessary size and is installed on c0t1d0s1. /export/home is based on the remaining disk space. /export/home is installed on c0t1d0s7.