Java Desktop System Configuration Manager Release 1.1 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo install the Java Web Console

  1. On the Java Desktop System Management Tools CD, change to the Java Web Console directory (“swc”) that corresponds to the operating system where you want to install the console.

  2. Type ./setup

    By default, the Java Web Console does not create an installation log file. To create an installation log with the name "logfile," type ./setup | tee logfile.

    Note –

    Most of the installation and the configuration of the web console is automatically performed when you run setup. For more detailed information on the setup application for the Java Web Console, see Appendix A, Java Web Console Packages.

  3. If you want to localize the Java Web Console, you need to install two additional packages for each language. Use the table below to determine the package names for the language, and do one of the following:

    • On Solaris, type pkgadd -d path/pkgname.pkg pkgname, where pkgname is the name of the language package that you want to add.

    • On Linux, type rpm -i path/pkgname<...>.rpm, where pkgname is the name of the package that you want to add.

    Package Name 


    SUNWcmcon, SUNWcmctg 

    Simplified Chinese SunTM Web Console 2.0

    SUNWdmcon, SUNWdmctg 

    German SunTM Web Console 2.0

    SUNWemcon, SUNWemctg 

    Spanish SunTM Web Console 2.0

    SUNWfmcon, SUNWfmctg 

    French SunTM Web Console 2.0

    SUNWhmcon, SUNWhmctg 

    Traditional Chinese SunTM Web Console 2.0

    SUNWimcon, SUNWimctg 

    Italian SunTM Web Console 2.0

    SUNWjmcon, SUNWjmctg 

    Japanese SunTM Web Console 2.0

    SUNWkmcon, SUNWkmctg 

    Korean SunTM Web Console 2.0

    SUNWsmcon, SUNWsmctg 

    Swedish SunTM Web Console 2.0