Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Label Administration

ProcedureHow to Create a label_encodings File

For sample files, see the /etc/security/tsol directory on an installed system. The files are described in Labels Files in Solaris Trusted Extensions Packages.

Before You Begin

You can create this file before you install Trusted Extensions on your first system. On that first system, you check the file. You can also create this file on the first system that you install with Trusted Extensions. This procedure must be completed before a second computer is configured with Trusted Extensions.

On a system that is configured with Trusted Extensions, you must be in the global zone in the Security Administrator role. On other systems, you can create and edit the file in any editor.

  1. Create a backup copy of the original file.

  2. Open a new or existing version of the file.

    • On a system that is not configured with Trusted Extensions, use any editor to create the file.

    • On a system that is configured with Trusted Extensions, use the Edit Encodings action to create the file.

      In CDE, the Trusted_Extensions folder in the Application Manager contains two actions for the encodings file.

      Edit Encodings

      Edits and checks the syntax of the specified label_encodings file.

      Check Encodings

      Checks the syntax of a specified label_encodings file.

  3. Modify the file.

    For details, see How to Plan the Encodings File.

  4. Continue with How to Analyze and Verify the label_encodings File.