Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Label Administration

ProcedureHow to Analyze and Verify the label_encodings File

Before You Begin

You must be in the global zone in the Security Administrator role.

  1. Check the syntax and relationships of the labels.

    In a terminal, use the chk_encodings -a command to analyze and report on label relationships.

    $ chk_encodings -a encodings-file
  2. Verify the file.

    The Check Encodings action runs the chk_encodings command on the specified file.

  3. Test the encodings file.

    Where possible, test the file on a few systems before approving the file for all systems at your site.

  4. Create a master copy.

    For copying instructions, see How to Copy Files to Portable Media in Trusted Extensions in Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Configuration Guide.

  5. Save a labeled copy of the file in a protected location.