Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Label Administration


The CONFIDENTIAL: REGISTERED classification is intended for information that is proprietary to the company, has a very high level of sensitivity, and could significantly harm the company if released. Registered information must be numbered and be tracked by the owner. Each copy must be assigned to a specific person. The copy must be returned to the owner for destruction after being read. Copies can be made only by the owner of the information. Use of brownish-red paper is recommended because this color cannot be copied.

This label is to be used when only one specific group of people should be allowed to see the proprietary information. This information cannot be shown to anyone who is not authorized by the owner. The information cannot be shown to employees of other companies who have not signed a nondisclosure agreement, even if the owner authorizes the disclosure. Information with this label cannot be sent through email.

Candidates for the CONFIDENTIAL: REGISTERED label include the following: