Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Label Administration


The CONFIDENTIAL: NEED_TO_KNOW label is intended for information that is proprietary to the company, has a higher level of sensitivity than INTERNAL_USE_ONLY, and has a more limited audience. Distribution is limited to employees who need to know the information. Other people who need to know the information and who have signed nondisclosure agreements might also be in the audience.

For example, if only the group of people working in a particular project should see certain information, then NEED_TO_KNOW should be used on that information. Whenever information should be restricted to a particular group, the name of the group should be specified on the paper version of the information.

Having the name of a group in this label makes it clear that the information should not be given to anyone outside of the group. Information with this label cannot be sent over the Internet but it can be sent over email within the company.

Candidates for the NEED_TO_KNOW label include the following: