Java Desktop System Release 3 on Linux Release Notes

1.7 Where To Find Documentation

You can view PDF and HTML versions of the documentation for the Java Desktop System in the following locations:

1.7.1 Accessing Localized Versions of User Documentation

Some localized versions of the Java Desktop System user documentation do not display in the Help browser.

Perform the following steps to view the localized versions of the user documentation on

  1. Open the following page:

  2. Select the language that you require from the language selection buttons.

    The language selection buttons are located next to the Search/browse within area of the page.

  3. Enter the name of the manual that you want in the Search field.

  4. Choose the manual that you want from the list displayed.

1.7.2 Documentation for Sample Applications

This release of the Java Desktop System includes sample applications that have Help manuals provided by the GNOME free software community. Sun Microsystems does not take any responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of Help manuals provided by the free software community.

Sun provides approximately 130 man pages related to applications and functionality. If Sun Microsystems, or an agent of Sun Microsystems, is not specifically credited as the author of a man page, Sun Microsystems takes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the document.

Sun Microsystems does not provide localized versions of documentation for sample applications.

1.7.3 Information About Removable Media

For information about removable media, refer to the Java Desktop System Release 3 User Guide on