Java Desktop System Release 3 on Linux Release Notes

1.8 Sample Applications for Evaluation

Sun Microsystems provides a variety of sample applications with the Java Desktop System for you to review and evaluate. The sample applications are from the GNOME free software community or from third-party suppliers. Sun Microsystems does not provide any of the following services for sample applications:

1.8.1 Sample Applications

The following table lists the applications from the GNOME free software community or from third-party suppliers that Sun Microsystems provides as sample applications.



Diagram Editor

Diagram editor that enables you to create flow charts, maps, UML diagrams, and many other diagrams. 


Online dictionary that enables you to look up definitions and correct spellings of words. 

Digital Camera Browser

Digital camera browser that enables you to manage images. 

Disk Analyzer

Disk analyzer that enables you to visualize your disk. 


Web browser 

Image Editor

GNU Image Manipulation Program that enables you to edit images. 

Image Organizer

Image viewer and browser that displays thumbnails of images on your desktop. 

Interface Editor

Programming application that enables you to create user interfaces for GNOME applications. 

Movie Player

Multimedia player that enables you to play motion pictures. 

On-screen Keyboard

Provides an on-screen keyboard that you can use as an input device for the Java Desktop System. 

Project Manager

Project management and scheduling tool. 

Screen Reader and Magnifier

Provides screen magnification and several other accessibility features. 

Source Editor

General purpose extensible editor for programmers. 

Sun Java System Instant Messenger

A demonstration of an Instant Messenger application that enables real-time collaboration. 

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing and telephony application which allows you to make audio and video calls. 

Weather Report

Displays current weather conditions for different regions. 

1.8.2 Third-Party Applications

The following table describes third-party products in this release of the Java Desktop System. Sun Microsystems does not take any responsibility for the functionality, features, or any other form of support for these applications.

Third Party Products 


Adobe Acrobat Reader 

Enables you to view PDF documents. You can find information about this application at the following location: 

Macromedia Flash Player

Enables you to play back interactive multimedia on the Web. You can find information about this application at the following location: 

RealNetworks RealPlayer

Enables you to play back media files in a variety of popular formats. You can find more information about this application at the following location: 

Printer PPD/drivers 

Recent printer PPD files and drivers which are provided by Canon, EPSON, OKI data, Ricoh, and Xerox. You can find information about Canon's printers at the following location: /usr/share/doc/packages/cndrvcups-guide 

EPSON Image Scan! for Linux 

Front-end utility for EPSON scanners. You can find information on the iscan manpage and at the following location:

1.8.3 Sample Games

Sun Microsystems provides the following sample games for evaluation only: