Java Desktop System Release 3 on Linux Release Notes

1.2 What's New in This Release

This release of the Java Desktop System on Linux combines innovations from the open source software community and from Sun Microsystems to create a comprehensive, integrated, and interoperable desktop environment. The following table describes improvements and enhancements in this release of the Java Desktop System.




  • Improved wireless support.


  • An Exchange connector allows the Email and Calendar application to interoperate with a Microsoft Exchange network.

  • Browser features improve compatability with non-standard browsers such as Internet Explorer.

  • Samba 3.0 provides better interoperability with Microsoft Windows file shares.

New Accessibility Applications 

  • Screen Reader and Magnifier.

  • On-Screen Keyboard.

See the Java Desktop System Release 3 Accessibility Guide and the Java Desktop System Release 3 Accessibility Release Notes for more details.


  • Simplified Chinese SunPinYin input method.

  • New File System Examiner to help users migrate from legacy environments to UTF–8 character encoding.

  • Latest ATOK for Linux Japanese input method.

  • Chinese Language Engine overhauled to align better with Chinese Linux Standard.

Office Productivity 

  • StarOffice 8

Enhanced Developer Tools 

  • StarOffice 8 includes a Software Developer Kit.

  • NetBeans 4.0

General Improvements 

  • All of the major components of the Java Desktop System, GNOME, Email and Calendar, Mozilla, and Gaim have been updated.

  • The Firefox 1.0.x browser is now provided as an alternative to Mozilla 1.7.

    To run Firefox, click Launch, then choose Run Applications -> and enter firefox in the Run Application dialog.

    Mozilla 1.7 remains the default browser. You can set Firefox to be your default browser by following the instructions in the section “Choosing Your Preferred Applications” in Chapter 7 of the Java Desktop System Release 3 User Guide.