Java Desktop System Release 3 on Linux Release Notes

1.3 Known Issues

The following table describes known issues in this release of the Java Desktop System for which there are no workarounds at the time of product release.


Known Issue 


Change Request Number: 6210275

  • RealPlayer 10 launches the Firefox browser instead of the Mozilla browser.

Change Request Number: 6228773

  • The <author> tag set that includes <firstname> and <surname> is used incorrectly in the front matter of the Help manuals.

Change Request Number: 6233643

  • Problems using the View as Catalog and View as Image Collection options in File Manager.

    File Manager might crash or you might encounter the following error messages:

    • The application 'nautilus' has quit unexpectedly

    • The Catalog view encountered an error while starting up

    • The Image Collection view encountered an error while starting up

    Restart File Manager or click the Restart Application button from the crash dialog if these problems occur.

Change Requestion Number: 6236808 

  • Problems upgrading from Java Desktop System Release 2 to Java Desktop System Release 3.

    The scrollkeeper-update command generates a number of localization error messages for locales that are not installed on your system.

Panel Applications 

Change Request Number: 6245563 

  • Problems using Keyboard Indicator.

    Keyboard Indicator can make the keyboard unusable when you switch between X servers.

Change Request Number: 4937191 

  • CD Player cannot play an audio CD without an audio cable.

    If your system does not have an internal analog audio cable which connects the CD-ROM drive to the sound card, CD Player does not produce any sound. You can download a third-party application, Xmms, that might resolve this problem.


  • You cannot print documents containing non-BMP Unicode characters from Mozilla.

Change Request Number: 6288629 

  • Mozilla keyboard shortcuts in the es_ES locale do not conform with accepted standards.