Java Desktop System Release 3 Troubleshooting Guide

2.10 RealPlayer

2.10.1 Problems Using RealPlayer Files


  • Linux


Change Request Number: 6238266 

The audio output from RealPlayer is poor when the application plays .au audio streams.

RealPlayer crashes when you play .aif files


Use Java Media Player to play .au files.

When you run RealPlayer for the first time, deselect the Configure Mozilla Helpers option. This ensures that Mozilla uses Java Media Player as the default application for .au and .aif files.

However, if you have already configured Mozilla to use RealPlayer to play .au and .aif files, perform the following steps:

  1. Start Mozilla.

  2. Choose Edit ->Preferences and then select Navigator -> Navigator -> Helper Applications from the Category sidebar.

  3. Create a new entry, or edit the existing entry for each of the following file/MIME types:

    • audio/basic

    • audio/aiff

    • audio/x-aiff

    • audio/x-pn-aiff

  4. Set the associated action in each entry to Open it with: /usr/bin/jmplay

See also 2.7.3 Mozilla .

2.10.2 RealPlayer Does Not Launch


  • Linux


Change Request Number: 6268743 

RealPlayer does not launch if another application has control of the audio device.


Perform the following steps:

  1. Close any other application that could have control of the audio device. Any application that plays sound, for example Java Media Player, can take control of the audio device.

  2. Restart RealPlayer