Java Desktop System Email and Calendar User Guide

Configuring Email and Calendar for Use with PDAs

A PDA is a hand-held computer that you can use as a personal organizer. You can store appointments, tasks, contacts, and other information on your PDA. You can also transfer appointments, tasks, and contacts data between your PDA and Email and Calendar.

Before you can use your PDA with Email and Calendar, you must first configure your PDA for use with the Java Desktop System on Linux. You must also specify how to transfer data between your PDA and Email and Calendar. To do this, you configure conduits for the PDA. A conduit is an application that manages the transfer of data between your computer and your PDA. For information about how to configure your PDA, see the Java Desktop System Release 3 User Guide.

The following table lists the conduits that are available for the component applications of Email and Calendar, and the PDA applications to which the conduits correspond:



PDA Application 



Date Book



To Do List




Note –

Email and Calendar supports only PDAs that use the PalmOS 5 operating system.