Java Desktop System Email and Calendar User Guide

To Synchronize Your PDA

To synchronize your PDA with Email and Calendar, perform the following steps:

  1. Connect your PDA to your computer. If your PDA has a cradle, place the PDA in the cradle.

  2. Ensure that your PDA is configured with your computer. For information about how to configure a PDA, see the Java Desktop System Release 3 User Guide.

  3. Specify how to transfer data between your PDA and Email and Calendar. To do this, you configure conduits for the PDA. For information about how to configure conduits for your PDA, see To Specify How to Transfer Data.

  4. Press the HotSync button on your PDA.

Note –

Email and Calendar does not synchronize the categories of your appointments, tasks, or contacts.

Note –

To synchronize a PDA with Sun Java System Calendar Server folders, you must specify a Calendar Server calendar folder as your default calendar folder and a Calendar Server task folder as your default task folder. For information about how to specify default folders, see Setting Folders Preferences.

You must also select a Calendar Server folder before you press the HotSync button on your PDA. If you do not perform these actions, Email and Calendar might behave abnormally during synchronization.