System Administration Guide: Printing

Determining Whether a PPD File Is Associated With a Print Queue

If a PPD file was used during the creation of a print queue, the PPD file that the specified queue is configured to use is listed in the lpstat command output. If you do not specify a PPD file when creating a new print queue, the lpstat command continues to display the same output as it did previously. For an example of the lpstat command output that shows the use of PPD files, see How to Check the Status of Printers.

Example 6–10 Displaying Information About a PPD File by Using the lpstat Command

In this example, the lpstat command output indicates that the print queue was configured by using the PPD file, Mitsubishi-CP50_Color_Printer-cp50.ppd.gz.

# lpstat -l -p paper
printer paper is idle. enabled since Tue 30 Mar 2004 01:48:38 PM PST
        Form mounted: 
        Content types: any
        Printer types: unknown
        Connection: direct
        Interface: /usr/lib/lp/model/standard_foomatic
        PPD: /path/Mitsubishi-CP50_Color_Printer-cp50.ppd.gz
        After fault: continue
        Users allowed:
        Forms allowed:
        Banner required
        Character sets:
        Default pitch:
        Default page size:
        Default port settings# lpstat l p <queue>