System Administration Guide: Printing

PPD File Repositories

The following table describes the PPD file repositories that are located on a system.

Table 12–12 Description of the PPD File Repositories




Method Used to Add or Modify 



This PPD file repository is used to store PPD files that are used by system administrators. 

PPD files can be added to this repository manually, by using either the ppdmgr utility or the pkgadd command.


Represents all of the PPD repositories on a system 

This repository represents all supported PPD repository locations on a system. 

You can only specify the all repository when requesting an update or rebuild of the PPD cache file by using the ppdmgr utility.



This repository contains PPD files that are delivered with Oracle Solaris. 

PPD files that are delivered by Oracle can be added to the system repository by using the pkgadd and patchadd commands.

A PPD file in this repository should not be modified manually or by using the ppdmgr utility. If you modify this repository manually, your changes might be lost.



This repository is used, as needed, by administrators and users with appropriate privileges (Printer Management). 

PPD files that are added to the system by using the ppdmgr command with the -a option are added to this repository unless otherwise specified.



This repository is a central location for storing PPD files that are delivered to Oracle Solaris by vendors. 

The pkgadd command is used to add PPD files to this repository

Note –

This repository cannot be modified by using the ppdmgr utility.

Caution – Caution –

The location of the PPD files and the ppdcache file is private and is therefore subject to change. Do not build software that relies on these files being in their current location or the data being in its current format.