System Administration Guide: Printing

PPD File Labels

On a system that is running the Oracle Solaris software, PPD files can be stored default label directories. You can also specify a label of your own choosing to organize PPD files, as long as the label is not reserved by the system.

The following label names are reserved:

With the exception of the all label name, these label names cannot be specified by using either the -L or -R options of the ppdmgr utility. However, you can specify the all label name with the -L or the -R option when using the -r and -u options. Any label name that begins with SUNW is reserved for use by Oracle, but is not prohibited.

If you add a PPD file to a system and specify a label that does not exist, a directory with that label name is created in the specified repository. By default, if no PPD file repository is specified, this directory is /var/lp/ppd/label. For more information about specifying labels when you add PPD files to a system, see Description of the Command-Line Options for the ppdmgr Utility.