Solaris SAN Configuration and Multipathing Guide

Chapter 2 Fibre Channel Configuration Overview

This chapter provides information about configuring the Solaris OS Fibre Channel (FC) and Storage Multipathing software. The following topics are discussed:

Configuration Task Overview

This section provides a high level overview of the tasks that you should perform to configure the Sun StorageTek Traffic Manager software.

The following table lists the configuration tasks, description about each task and the reference information where you can find the procedures to perform each task.

Table 2–1 Tasks to Configure Solaris OS FC and Sun StorageTek Traffic Manager Software

Configuration Task  

Task Description  

Reference Information  

Enable Multipathing 

Multipathing capability is provided by the Sun StorageTek Traffic Manager software in the Solaris 10 OS. This software enables multipathing: 

  • By default, for Fibre Channel-attached devices on x86/x64 platforms

  • By manual configuration on SPARC platforms

  • By manual configuration for SAS devices

The steps for enabling multipathing are outlined in Chapter 4, Configuring Multipathing Software.

Configure Fibre Channel Devices 

In the Solaris 10 OS, FCAL, fabric, and point-to-point connected devices are made available to the host. This feature differs from previous versions of the Sun StorageTek Traffic Manager software running on the Solaris 8 or 9 OS. In those versions, manual configuration steps were required to achieve fabric-connected device availability on the Solaris host. 

Chapter 5, Configuring SAN Devices

Set up FC Boot Device 

The Sun StorageTek Traffic Manager software enables a Solaris server to boot from a fabric device. 

SAN Device Considerations

Configure IPFC SAN devices 

You can configure host recognition of IPFC devices and implementation of IP over FC in a SAN. Configuration of IPFC depends on the instance of the Fabric Port (FP) driver for the FC adapter ports. 

Chapter 7, Configuring IPFC SAN Devices

Configure SAS Devices 

In the Solaris 10 Update 5 OS, multipathing of SAS devices is supported. 


Configuration Considerations

Before you configure the Sun StorageTek Traffic Manager software, consider the following: