Solaris SAN Configuration and Multipathing Guide

ProcedureTo Get the Properties of a Particular Initiator Port

Display the properties of an initiator port by typing the show command.

  1. Run the mpathadm list initiator-port command.

    # mpathadm list initiator-port
    Initiator-Port: 2000000173018713
  2. Select an initiator port to use from the output.

  3. Run the mpathadm show initiator-port initiator-port-name command.

    # mpathadm show initiator-port 2000000173018713
    initiator-port: 2000000173018713
        Transport Type: Fibre Channel
        OS Device File: /devices/pci@1f,2000/SUNW,glc@4/fp@0,0