Solaris 10 10/08 Installation Guide: Custom JumpStart and Advanced Installations

Profile Keywords Quick Reference

Table 8–2 provides a quick way to determine which keywords you can use, based on your installation scenario. Unless otherwise noted in the keyword descriptions, the keyword can only be used with the initial installation option. Also, these keywords are for a UFS file system unless noted that the keyword can be used in a ZFS root pool profile.

Table 8–2 Profile Keywords Overview

Installation Scenarios 

Profile Keyword 

Standalone System (Nonnetworked) 

Standalone System (Networked) or Server 

OS Server 


Upgrade With Disk Space Reallocation 

Can be Used for a ZFS Root Pool 

archive_location (installing Solaris Flash archives)





boot_device (UFS and ZFS)


bootenv (UFS and ZFS)











cluster (adding software groups) (UFS and ZFS)


cluster (adding or deleting clusters) (UFS and ZFS)

dontuse (UFS and ZFS)


fdisk (x86 only) (UFS and ZFS)


filesys (mounting remote file systems) (UFS and ZFS)



filesys (creating local file systems)


filesys (creating mirrored file systems)




forced_deployment (installing Solaris Flash differential archives)





geo (UFS and ZFS)

install_type (UFS and ZFS)




local_customization (installing Solaris Flash archives)





locale (UFS and ZFS)

metadb (creating state database replicas)




no_master_check (installing Solaris Flash differential archives)





no_content_check (installing Solaris Flash differential archives)








package (UFS and ZFS)







pool (ZFS root pools only)


root_device (UFS and ZFS)





usedisk (UFS and ZFS)