Solaris 10 10/08 Installation Guide: Custom JumpStart and Advanced Installations

ProcedureTo Prepare to Install a Solaris Flash Archive With a Custom JumpStart Installation

You can install a full archive for an initial installation or if you have already installed an archive, a differential archive for an update. You can use the custom JumpStart installation method or use Solaris Live Upgrade to install an archive on an inactive boot environment. This procedure provides the instructions to install an archive with custom JumpStart.

  1. Review the following limitations.



    Caution: When using the archive_location keyword to install a Solaris Flash archive, the archive and the installation media must contain identical operating system versions.

    For example, if the archive is a Solaris 10 10/08 operating system and you are using DVD media, then you must use Solaris 10 10/08 DVD media to install the archive. If the operating systems versions do not match, the installation on the clone system fails. 

    Caution – Caution –

    A Solaris Flash archive cannot be properly created when a non-global zone is installed. The Solaris Flash feature is not compatible with the Solaris Zones partitioning technology. If you create a Solaris Flash archive, the resulting archive is not installed properly when the archive is deployed under these conditions:

    • The archive is created in a non-global zone

    • The archive is created in a global zone that has non-global zones installed


  2. On the install server, create the custom JumpStart rules file.

    For detailed instructions about creating custom JumpStart files, refer to Chapter 3, Preparing Custom JumpStart Installations (Tasks).

  3. On the install server, create the custom JumpStart profile file.

    For examples of Solaris Flash archive profiles, see Profile Examples.

    From the existing list of custom JumpStart keywords in Table 8–2, the only keywords valid when you install a Solaris Flash archive are the following:


    Initial Installation 

    Differential Archive 


    fdisk (x86 only)


    Note –

    You cannot set the filesys keyword to the value auto.




    (required) install_type









    1. Set the value of the keyword install_type to one of the following types.

      • For a full archive installation, set the value to flash_install.

      • For a differential archive installation, set the value to flash_update.

    2. Add the path to the Solaris Flash archive by using the archive_location keyword.

      For details about the archive_location keyword, refer to archive_location Keyword.

    3. Specify the file system configuration.

      The Solaris Flash archive extraction process does not support auto-layout of partitions.

    4. (Optional) If you want to install additional packages at the same time you install an archive, use the package keyword. For more information, see package Profile Keyword (UFS and ZFS).

    5. (Optional) If you want to install an additional Solaris Flash archive on the clone system, add one archive_location line for each archive that you want to install.

  4. On the install server, add the clients that you are installing with the Solaris Flash archive.

    For detailed instructions, refer to the following:

  5. Perform the custom JumpStart installation on the clone systems.

    For detailed instructions, refer to SPARC: To Perform an Installation or Upgrade With the Custom JumpStart Program.