Solaris 10 5/09 Installation Guide: Network-Based Installations

About the Miniroot Image (Overview)

The miniroot is a minimal, bootable root (/) file system that resides on the Solaris installation media. A miniroot consists of all the Solaris software that is required to boot the system to either install or upgrade the system. The miniroot software is used by the installation media to perform a full installation of the Solaris OS. The miniroot runs only during the installation process.

You might need to patch the miniroot before installation if the boot image has problems booting or if you need to add driver and hardware support. When you patch the miniroot image, the patch is not installed on the system where the Solaris OS installation occurs or on the system that the patchadd command is run. Patching the miniroot image is strictly used for adding driver and hardware support to the process that performs the actual installation of the Solaris OS.

Note –

This procedure is only for patching the miniroot, not for patching the complete network installation image. If you need to patch the network installation image, perform the task after the installation completes.