Solaris 10 10/09 Installation Guide: Basic Installations

Solaris Installation Program GUI or Text Installer Requirements

The Solaris installation program on the Solaris Operating System DVD or Solaris Software - 1 CD can be run with a graphical user interface (GUI) or as an interactive text installer in a desktop or console session. For x86 based systems, the Solaris Device Configuration Assistant is included in the Solaris installation program.

You can choose to install the software with a GUI or with or without a windowing environment. If there is sufficient memory, the GUI is displayed by default. Other environments are displayed by default if memory is insufficient for the GUI. You can override defaults with the nowin or text boot options. But, you are limited by the amount of memory in your system or by installing remotely. Also if the Solaris installation program does not detect a video adapter, it automatically displays in a console-based environment. Table 1–2 describes these environments and list memory requirements for displaying them.

Table 1–2 Memory Requirements for Display Options


Type of Installation 


256-767 MB 


Contains no graphics, but provides a window and the ability to open other windows.  

If you install by using the text boot option and the system has enough memory, you are installing in a windowing environment. If you are installing remotely through a tip line or using the nowin boot option, you are limited to the console-based installation.

768 MB or greater 


Provides windows, pull-down menus, buttons, scrollbars, and iconic images. 

You can also specify the installer you want to use during the installation by entering a selection or special command at a prompt. For instructions, see the procedures in Chapter 2, Installing With the Solaris Installation Program For UFS File Systems (Tasks).