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Solaris 10 Release Notes
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1.  Updates to Solaris 10 Release

Solaris 10 1/06 Software

New Minimum Memory Requirement

Changes in Upgrade Support for Solaris Releases

Solaris Live Upgrade and Solaris Zones

Patching Miniroot on x86 Machines

Correct Solaris Data Encryption Supplement Required for Installation of Solaris 10 1/06 Release

Additional Procedures Required When Installing Patches for Solaris 10 1/06 Release

Resolving Issues With the GNOME Display Manager (6277164)

Resolving Issues With AccessKeyMouseListeners (6214222)

x86: Cannot Configure Full-Screen Magnification on Systems With One Video Card

x86: Problems Configuring USB Mouse Device as Extension Device for Use With GNOME On-Screen Keyboard

StarOffice Patch Application Requires Additional Steps

SPARC: Upgrade Hangs on Sun Blade 1500 Workstations (6363365)

x86: Failure of BIOS Device Utility Prevents Installation or Upgrade From Being Completed (6362108)

Locale Problem Occurs After You Upgrade a System That Contains Zones (6361672)

Postinstallation Problems With Whole Root Zone, Diskless Client, and Solaris Live Upgrade (6358227)

x86: Adding Driver Updates Might Cause Failure of Network Configuration (6353146)

Using mkfs Command to Create File System Might Fail on Very Large Disks (6352813)

x86: Time Settings Might Cause Key Combinations to Fail to Start Assistive Technologies in the Sun Java Desktop System (6351923)

Generic LAN Driver Version 3 Fails to Set Field Length of Logical Link Control Frames (6350869)

x86: Problem With Choosing a Terminal Type When Installing Solaris 10 1/06 Software (6350819)

Adding Regions Fails With the localeadm Command (6350486)

x86: Systems With Multiple CPUs Might Hang During Installation or System Boot (6348316)

SPARC: Problems With dbx Debugger While Processing 64-bit Objects (6347707)

x86: Bulgarian Locale Uses Russian Character Map (6346843)

File System Creation Might Fail on Small Slices (6346510)

Undetected Write Errors in NFSv4 Client With Full File System (6346204)

x86: Cannot Delete the Solaris Live Upgrade Boot Environment That Contains the GRand Unified Bootloader Menu (6341350)

Launch Menu Cannot Be Opened With Ctrl-Esc (6340714)

x86: Error Occurs When You Upgrade a Solaris Live Upgrade Boot Environment With CD or DVD Media (6336069)

x86: Problems With dtlogin When Using UTF-8 Locales (6334517)

Unloading the e1000g Ethernet Driver Might Cause a System Panic (6333461)

x86: Invalid /sbin/dhcpinfo Error During Installation (6332044)

x86: Removal of Agilent Fibre Channel HBA Driver Package Fails When Upgrading to Solaris 10 1/06 Release (6330840)

SPARC: Problems Configuring Preferences With the GNOME On-Screen Keyboard (6329929)

SPARC: Loadkeys Warnings Appear When System Is Booted From Solaris OS DVD (6329642)

SPARC: Power Management in Sun Expert3D and Sun Elite3D Hardware Not Working Under Certain Circumstances (6321362)

Serbian Locale Uses Russian Character Map (6314583)

SPARC: Error Messages Displayed During Dynamic Reconfiguration (6312424)

SUNWceuow Package Improperly Upgraded if Symbolic Links to Solaris OS Are Changed (6303564)

SPARC: Reinitializing Link on a Server in a Storage Area Network Causes Logical Unit Number on All Servers to Reset (6301627)

x86: GNOME Applications Fail With dtremote (6278039)

Full-Screen Magnification and Keyboard Accessibility Features Not Working (6273030)

x86: Installation From CD Media Appears to Hang After Reboot Selection (6270371)

Error Messages Displayed by pkgchk After You Remove Patches for Zones (6267966)

Outdated List of Allowed Applications for Solaris OS (6267922)

Upgrade Option Unavailable if the Root (/) File System Is a RAID-1 Volume (Mirror) (6263122)

Cannot Create a Solaris Flash Archive When Solaris Zones Are Installed (6246943)

Solaris Live Upgrade luupgrade Command Missing the Progress Bar (6239850)

CD Quality, Lossless Mode Fails at Start of Recording (6227666)

Desktop Icons Invisible on Second Desktop System (6211279)

Intermittent Errors Might Occur With the Use of DataDigests (5108515)

Devices Not Immediately Available in Fabric Zones in a Storage Area Network (5077933)

2.  Installation Issues

3.  Solaris Runtime Issues

4.  System-Specific Issues

5.  End-of-Software Support Statements

6.  Documentation Issues

A.  Table of Integrated Bugs in the Solaris 10 Operating System

B.  Solaris 10 Operating System Patch List

Chapter 1

Updates to Solaris 10 Release

This chapter contains new information that applies to the Solaris 10 OS since the software's release for general availability in March 2005.