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Solaris 10 Release Notes
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1.  Updates to Solaris 10 Release

2.  Installation Issues

3.  Solaris Runtime Issues

4.  System-Specific Issues

5.  End-of-Software Support Statements

Features Removed From the Solaris 10 Operating System

Asian Short dtlogin Names

device_driver Path-Name Support in add_drv System Command

admintool Command

asysmem() and sysmem() Interfaces

BIND Version 8 DNS Server and Tools

x86: Common Object File Format (COFF)

Obsolete Device Driver Interfaces

Euro Character Input Sequences That Are Alt Key-Based and Meta Key-Based

Federated Naming Service XFN Libraries and Commands

Generic LAN Driver Version 0 Interfaces

GMT Zoneinfo Time Zones

GNOME Components Excluded From Sun Java Desktop System, Release 3

Graphic Driver Support

x86: Mixed EISA Devices and Drivers

JRE 1.2.2

Kodak Color Management System

SPARC: Lance Ethernet Drivers

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Client Library

Obsolete Lightweight Process (LWP) Interfaces

Nameless Interface Groups Feature

Netscape Software

netstat -k Option

x86: Network Devices

Non-POSIX Thread Behavior of the fork() Function

pam_unix Module

PC File Viewer

Perl Version 5.005_03

ptrace Interface In libc

Power Management I/O Control Commands

sendmailvars and the L and G commands

ShowMe TV

SPARC: 64-bit Packages

sdtjmplay Desktop Java Media Player

Solaris Static System Libraries

Solaris Volume Manager Transactional Volume

stc(7d) for Serial Parallel Controller on S-bus

Storage Interfaces

sun4m Hardware

SunFDDI and SunHSI/S Drivers

Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 7.0 (Formerly Sun ONE Application Server 7.0 Platform Edition)

Sun StorEdge A1000, Sun StorEdge A3000, Sun StorEdge A3500, and Sun StorEdge A3500FC Systems

Tape Devices

Token Ring Network Drivers

SPARC: 32-bit Sun4U Kernel

Ultra AX and SPARCengine Ultra AXmp Graphics Card

32-bit: X11 Static Libraries

xutops Print Filter

Features That Might Be Removed in a Future Release

Asian Short dtlogin Names

Audit Daemon Interfaces

Cfront Runtime Support Library

Configuration Assistant's fp Plug-in Hardware Options

Device Allocation Interfaces For the Basic Security Module

Obsolete Device Driver Interfaces

Device Management Entries in power.conf

Device Support and Driver Software

Form and Menu Language Interpreter

Host Files in /etc/net/ti*

Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 1.4

Kerberos Ticket Lifetime Parameters in krb5.conf

Korean CID Fonts

Legacy or Traditional Non-UTF-8 Locales

Functions in the CPU Performance Counters Library (libcpc)

libXinput Library

Network Information Service Plus (NIS+) Name Service Type

nstest Test Program

Perl Version 5.6.1

Solaris Management Console Patch Tool (Patch Manager)

Solstice Enterprise Agents

Standalone Router Discovery

Sun Fire Link Interfaces

Sun Java Desktop System Applications

Token Ring and Fiber Distributed Data Interface Device Types

WBEM-based Dynamic Reconfiguration

XIL Interface

xetops Utility

x86: Xsun DDX Modules, Library, and Related Files

6.  Documentation Issues

A.  Table of Integrated Bugs in the Solaris 10 Operating System

B.  Solaris 10 Operating System Patch List

Chapter 5

End-of-Software Support Statements

This chapter lists end-of-software support statements.