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Sun StorageTek Common Array Manager CLI Guide for the J4000 Array Family

Version 6.1.1




1. Overview

Overview of the sscs Command

Understanding Command Syntax

Logging In to the sscs Environment

Exit Status Codes

Next Steps

2. Command Summary

add notification - Enable remote notification

add registeredarray - Adds an array to the list of registered arrays

add userrole - Adds a user name to the user access list

list alarm - Provides detailed information on the specified alarms

list array - Lists detailed information about one or more arrays

list date - Lists the current date and time in hours, minutes, and seconds

list device - List the details of a device or the devices being monitored

list disk - Lists disk information

list event - Lists the Fault Management Service (FMS) event log information

list firmware - Lists the firmware versions of field-replaceable units in this device

list fru - Lists the field-replaceable units in this device

list jobs - Lists firmware jobs for JBODS

list log - Lists user-initiated actions performed for all registered arrays

list mgmt-sw - Lists the management software application that you are logged into

list notification - Lists the remote notification provider and its status

list registeredarray - Lists registered array information

list site - Lists site information

list storage-system - Lists information about one or more arrays

list userrole - Lists the user name and user role information

login - Logs in a user to a remote management host

logout - Logs out of sscs

modify agent - Modify the fault management agent parameters

modify array - Modifies an array’s name

modify firmware - Modifies the firmware version of the field-replaceable unit of the device

modify mgmt-sw - Stores the specified storage system name for the session

modify registeredarray - Modifies the locally stored password for a registered array

modify site - Modifies the site properties for this instance of CAM

modify storage-system - Modifies array information

modify userrole - Modifies a user role

register storage-system - Registers a storage system with the host

register sun-connection - Registers CAM software and all monitored arrays with Auto Service Request

remove alarm - Removes the current alarms

remove notification - Removes a local or remote notification provider

remove registeredarray - Removes an array from the list of registered arrays

remove userrole - Removes user names from a user role (storage and guest)

service - Performs service on a specified array

unregister storage-system - Unregisters an array

unregister sun-connection - Unregisters CAM software and all monitored arrays from Auto Service Request (ASR)

version - Shows the versions of software that you are running on this array and the client