Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3 Migration Guide

Search Size Limit Property

Directory Proxy Server 5 uses the ids-proxy-sch-SizeLimitProperty to apply size limits based on the base and scope of search operations. In Directory Proxy Server 6.3, the search size limit can be configured by setting a property of the resource limits policy. A resource limits policy defines the maximum resource that Directory Proxy Server can process for a given connection handler. Use the dpconfcommand to set the search size limit for a resource policy, as follows:

$ dpconf set-resource-limits-policy-prop policy-name search-size-limit:number-of-entries

Resource limits policies control much more than just search size limit. For information on configuring resource limits policies, see Creating and Configuring a Resource Limits Policy in Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3 Administration Guide.

In iPlanet Directory Access Router 5.0 (IDAR) these configuration attributes are stored under ids-proxy-con-Name=group-name,ou=groups,ou=pd2,ou=iDAR,o=services. In Directory Proxy Server 5.2, these configuration attributes are stored under ou=groups,cn=user-defined-name,ou=dar-config,o=NetscapeRoot.

The following table maps the attributes of a version 5 size limit property to the corresponding properties in Directory Proxy Server 6.3.

Table 6–16 Mapping of Version 5 Search Size Limit Attributes to 6.0 Properties

Directory Proxy Server 5 Attribute 

Directory Proxy Server 6.3 Property 






No equivalent