Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3 Migration Guide

Log Property

The logging functionality available in Directory Proxy Server 5 is differs substantially from the functionality available in Directory Proxy Server 6.3.

In Directory Proxy Server 5, the following logs were maintained:

Directory Proxy Server 6.3 maintains an errors log file, an access log file, and administrative alerts.

The errors log and administrative alerts are equivalent to the version 5 system log. Administrative alerts are events raised by Directory Proxy Server. These events can be sent to the syslog daemon or to an administrator through email.

The Directory Proxy Server 6.3 access log is equivalent to the version 5 audit log.

Logs in version 5 were configured by using the ids-proxy-sch-LogProperty object class. Logs in Directory Proxy Server 6.3 are configured by setting properties for the access and error log, using the dpconf command. For example, to set properties for the access log, use the following command:

$ dpconf set-access-log-prop PROPERTY:VALUE

Directory Proxy Server 6.3 provides new log features, such as log file rotation, and enables log configuration to be fine tuned. For example, one log level can be set per message category.

In iPlanet Directory Access Router 5.0 (IDAR) log configuration attributes are stored under ids-proxy-con-Config-Name=name,ou=global,ou=pd2,ou=iDAR,o=services. In Directory Proxy Server 5.2, log configuration attributes are stored under ids-proxy-con-Config-Name=user-defined-name,ou=system,ou=dar-config,o=netscaperoot.

It is not really possible to map the log configuration between Directory Proxy Server 5 and Directory Proxy Server 6.3 because the logging models between these two versions are very different. The Directory Proxy Server 5 log model combines what is logged with where it is logged. In Directory Proxy Server 6.3, the model is cleaner. One set of properties describes what is logged, and a separate set of properties describes where log messages are sent.

The following table lists the attributes of the ids-proxy-sch-LogProperty object class and describes at a high level how the corresponding functionality is achieved in Directory Proxy Server 6.3.

Table 6–17 Version 5 and Version 6 Log Functionality

Directory Proxy Server 5 Attribute 


Directory Proxy Server 6.3 Equivalent 


Level of logging 

Global log level 


Kinds of statistics logged 

Monitoring data 


Syslog facility code 

syslog output for administrative alerts

No equivalent for error messages 


Path to log file 

log-file-name of the error-log object


Syslog facility code for audit log 

No equivalent 


Path to audit log file 

log-file-name of the access-log object

Because a one to one mapping of log configuration is not possible between the two versions, you need to understand the new logging model and then configure your new logs accordingly, rather than migrating your old log configuration. For more information, see Chapter 28, Directory Proxy Server Logging, in Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3 Administration Guide.