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Sun Java System Portal Server 6 2004Q2 Developer's Guide 

About This Guide

This guide explains how to use the Sun Java™ System Portal Server software APIs. Portal Server software provides a platform to create portals for your organization’s integrated data, knowledge management, and applications. Portal Server software platform offers a complete infrastructure solution for building and deploying all types of portals, including business-to-business, business-to-employee, and business-to-consumer.

This preface includes the following sections:

Who Should Read This Book

You should read this book if you are responsible for customizing and extending the Portal Server software APIs.

What You Need to Know

This book assumes that you are familiar with the following products:

This book assumes you already know the basics of:

How This Book is Organized

This book contains the following chapters:

About This Guide    

(this chapter)

Chapter 1, "Introduction to the APIs"    

This chapter provides an introduction to the Portal Server APIs.

Part I, "Overview"    

This part includes chapters that provide an overview of the various public extensible set of classes in the Portal Server software. The chapters provide:

Part II, "Extending the Providers"    

This part includes chapters that provide instructions for:

Part III, "Portlets"    

This part includes chapters that provide:

Part V, "Search Engine Robot"    

This part includes chapters that describe the:

Part VI, "Using the SOIF API to Work with SOIF Objects"    

This part includes chapters that describe the use of the search engine SOIF API to work with SOIF objects in C.

Part VII, "Using the RDM API to Access the Search Engine and Database in C"    

This part includes chapters that describe the use of the Search Engine RDM API to access the Search Engine and its database.

Part VIII, "Using Java To Access the Search Engine Database"    

This part includes chapters that describe how to:

Part IX, "Localizing Sun Java System Portal Server"    

The part includes chapters that provide instructions for localizing the customizeable parts of the Portal Server software.

Document Conventions Used in This Guide

Monospaced Font

Monospaced font is used for any text that appears on the computer screen or text that you should type. It is also used for file names, distinguished names, functions, and examples.

Bold Monospaced Font

Bold monospaced font is used to represent text within a code example that you should type. For example, you might see something like this:

portal-server-install-root/SUNWps/bin/dpadmin add -p parent -u amadmin_dn -w password -d node dp-locale.xml

Italicized Font

Italicized font is used to represent text that you enter using information that is unique to your installation (for example, variables). It is used for server paths and names and account IDs.

Command-Line Prompts

Command-line prompts (for example, % for a C-Shell, or $ for a Korn, or Bourne shell) are not displayed in the examples. Depending on which operating system environment you are using, you will see a variety of different command-line prompts. However, you should enter the command as it appears in the document unless specifically noted otherwise.

Where to Find Related Information

In addition to this guide, the Portal Server software comes with supplementary information for administrators as well as documentation for developers. Use the following URL to see all the Portal Server software documentation:

Use this book in conjunction with the Javadocs at http://hostname:port/URI/javadocs. Listed below are the additional documents that are available:

Where to Find This Guide Online

You can find the Sun Java System Portal Server 6 Developer’s Guide online in PDF and HTML formats. This book can be found at the following URL:

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