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Sun Java System Portal Server 6 2004Q2 Administration Guide 

Chapter 20
Configuring the Portal Server to Run as User Non-Root

The following optional, post-install procedure describes the steps to configure a Sun Java™ System Portal Server installation that is running as root user to run as a non-root user.


The Sun Java™ System Enterprise Installer does not support installation of the Sun Java™ System Web Server or the Sun Java™ System Application Server as non root . However it does support the installation of the Sun Java™ System Directory Server as non root. This procedure assumes that the web container and the Sun Java™ System Directory Server are running as non-root user.

Perform all steps as superuser, except as noted. After installing the Sun Java™ System Portal Server software, use the following procedure to configure the Portal Server to run as user non-root.

  1. Change the ownership of the following directories from root to Userid:UserGroup. That is, enter:
    • chown -R Userid:UserGroup /opt/SUNWps
    • chown -R Userid:UserGroup /etc/opt/SUNWps
    • chown -R Userid:UserGroup /var/opt/SUNWps
    • If you did not use the Java Enterprise System installer to install the Sun Java System Identity Server as non-root, consult the Identity Server documentation for information on changing the Identity Server directories.

  2. Set the following permissions for the Portal Server directories:
    • chmod 0755 /opt/SUNWps
    • chmod 0755 /etc/opt/SUNWps
    • chmod 0755 /var/opt/SUNWps
  3. Restart the directory server as the non-root user.
  4. The Java Enterprise System installer installs the Java™ Development Kit (JDK™) in /usr/jdk/entsys. Change the ownership and permissions of this directory for the non-root user:

    • chown -R Userid:UserGroup /usr/jdk
    • chmod 0755 /usr/jdk
  5. Stop the web container and Directory Server.
  6. Ensure that all of the processes are stopped.
  7. To verify, type:

    • ps -aef | grep slapd
    • ps -aef | grep httpd
    • ps -aef | grep http
    • ps -aef | grep admin
  8. Kill off any processes that did not get shutdown.
  9. Start Directory Server and the web container.
  10. Watch the owner of the directory and web container process. It should be running as non-root user.

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