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Sun Java Enterprise System 2004Q2 Technical Overview 


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Chapter 1   Introduction
Java Enterprise System Services
Java Enterprise System Components
Working With Java Enterprise System

Chapter 2   Java Enterprise System Architecture
Dimension 1: Logical Tiers
Description of Logical Tiers
Client Tier
Presentation Tier
Business Service Tier
Data Tier
Logical and Physical Independence
Example of Tiered Architecture
Dimension 2: Infrastructure Service Levels
Distributed Infrastructure Services
Java Enterprise System Implementation
Java Enterprise System Servers
Dependencies Between System Servers
Anatomy of a System Server
Dimension 3: Quality of Service
Applying Quality of Service Requirements
Example: Sun Cluster
Three Dimensional Synthesis

Chapter 3   System-Level Features
The Java Enterprise System Integrated Installer
Pre-Existing Software Checking
Dependency Checking
Initial Configuration
Integrated Identity and Security Services
Single User Identity
Directory Basics
Directory Server Schema
Directory Information Tree
Authentication and Authorization
Single Sign-On
Setup Issues
Extending Directory Schema
User Provisioning

Chapter 4   Life-Cycle Concepts
Requirements Analysis
Deployment Design
Deployment Architectures
Implementation Design.
Deployment Implementation
Hardware Build-Out
Software Installation
System Configuration
Customization and Development
Production Rollout

Appendix A   Reference Listing: Java Enterprise System Components
Java Enterprise System Server Components
Sun Cluster 3.1 4/04 and Sun Cluster Sun ONE Agents
Sun ONE Application Server 7 Update 3
Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2004Q2
Sun Java System Directory Server 5 2004Q2
Sun Java System Directory Proxy Server 5 2004Q2
Sun Java System Identity Server 2004Q2
Sun Java System Instant Messaging 6 2004Q2
Sun Java System Message Queue 3.5 Service Pack 1
Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2004Q2
Sun Java System Portal Server 6 2004Q2
Sun Java System Portal Server Mobile Access 6 2004Q2
Sun Java System Portal Server Secure Remote Access 6 2004Q2
Sun ONE Web Server 6.1 Service Pack 2
Java Enterprise System Client Components
Sun Java System Administration Server (and Console) 5 2004Q2
Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2004Q2
Sun Java System Communications Services User Management Utility 6 2004Q2
Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook 6
Sun Remote Services Net Connect 3.1
Shared Components

Java Enterprise System Key Terms


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