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Sun Java Enterprise System 2004Q2 Technical Overview 


The Sun Java Enterprise System Technical Overview introduces the conceptual foundations of the Sun Java Enterprise System. It also describes the components, architecture, processes, and features of Java Enterprise System.

This overview attempts to clarify technical concepts and terminology used in the Java Enterprise System documentation set. Italicized terms are found in Java Enterprise System Key Terms, which defines the terms and clarifies how they are used in the Java Enterprise System context.

This preface contains the following sections:


The Java Enterprise System Technical Overview is meant for individuals who will be designing, deploying, or maintaining software solutions based on the Java Enterprise System. This constitutes a broad audience, which includes business analysts, system architects, field engineers, and system administrators.

Individuals reading the Java Enterprise System Technical Overview should have some familiarity with the following technologies:

Using the Documentation

The Java Enterprise System manuals are available as online files in Portable Document Format (PDF) and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) formats. Both formats are readable by assistive technologies for users with disabilities. The Sun™ documentation web site can be accessed at the following location:

The Java Enterprise System documentation can be accessed here:

The following table lists the system-level manuals in the Java Enterprise System documentation set. The left column provides the name and part number location of each document and the right column describes the general contents of the document.

Table 1  Java Enterprise System Documentation 



Java Enterprise System Release Notes

Contains the latest information about the Java Enterprise System, including known problems. In addition, component products have their own release notes.

Java Enterprise System Documentation Roadmap

Provides descriptions of the documentation related to Java Enterprise System. Includes links to the documentation associated with the component products.

Java Enterprise System Technical Overview

Introduces technical concepts and terminology used in Java Enterprise System documentation. Describes the Java Enterprise System, its components, and role in supporting distributed enterprise applications. Also covers life-cycle concepts, including an introduction to system deployment.

Java Enterprise System Deployment Planning White Paper

Provides an introduction to planning large-scale deployments based on Java Enterprise System. Presents some basic concepts and principles of deployment planning and introduces a number of processes that you can use as a starting point when designing enterprise-wide deployments.

Java Enterprise System Installation Guide

Guides you through the process of installing your Java Enterprise System. Shows you how to select the component products that you want to install, how to configure the component products that you install, and how to verify that the software you install functions properly.

Java Enterprise System Glossary

Defines terms that are used in Java Enterprise System documentation.

In addition to the system-level documents listed in this table, the Java Enterprise System documentation set includes product-specific documentation for each of the Java Enterprise System component products. See the Java Enterprise System Documentation Roadmap for details.


The following table describes the typeface conventions used in this book.

Table 2  Typeface Conventions 






API and language elements, HTML tags, web site URLs, command names, file names, directory path names, on-screen computer output, sample code.

Edit your .login file.

Use ls -a to list all files.

% You have mail.



Book titles.

New words or terms.

Words to be emphasized.

Command-line variables to be replaced by real names or values.

Read Chapter 6 in the User’s Guide.

These are called class options.

You must be superuser to do this.

The file is located in the install-dir/bin directory.

Resources on the Web

The following location contains information about Java Enterprise System and its component products:

How to Report Problems

If you have problems with Java Enterprise System, contact Sun customer support using one of the following mechanisms:

So that we can best assist you in resolving problems, please have the following information available when you contact support:

Sun Welcomes Your Comments

Sun is interested in improving its documentation and welcomes your comments and suggestions. Use the web-based form to provide feedback to Sun:

Please provide the full document title and part number in the appropriate fields. The part number can be found on the title page of the book or at the top of the document, and is usually a seven or nine digit number. For example, the part number of this Sun Java Enterprise System Technical Overview is 817-5764-10.

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