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Sun Java System Identity Server 2004Q2 Federation Management Guide 

About This Guide

The Sun Java™ System Identity Server Federation Management Guide provides information about the Federated Management module of Identity Server 2004Q2 (formerly SunONE Identity Server). It includes an introduction to federation management and Identity Server’s compliance to Liberty Alliance specifications. Instructions for enabling a Liberty II environment, and summaries of the APIs you can use to extend the Federation Management framework are also provided in this guide.

This preface includes the following topics:

Audience for This Guide

This Federation Management Guide is intended for use by IT administrators and software developers who implement an integrated identity management and web access platform using Sun Java System servers and software. It is recommended that administrators understand the following technologies:

Because Sun Java System Directory Server is used as the data store in an Identity Server deployment, administrators should also be familiar with the documentation provided with that product. The latest Directory Server documentation can be accessed online.

Identity Server 2004Q2 Documentation Set

The Identity Server documentation includes two sets:

Identity Server Core Documentation

The Identity Server documentation set contains the following titles:

Updates to the Release Notes and links to modifications of the core documentation can be found on the Identity Server page at the Sun Java System documentation web site ( Updated documents will be marked with a revision date.

Identity Server Policy Agent Documentation

Policy agents for Identity Server documents are available on this Web site:

Policy agents for Identity Server are available on a different schedule than the server product itself. Therefore, the documentation set for the policy agents is available outside the core set of Identity Server documentation. The following titles are included in the set:

Updates to the Release Notes and modifications to the policy agent documentation can be found on the Policy Agents page at the Sun Java System documentation web site. Updated documents will be marked with a revision date.

Your Feedback on the Documentation

Sun Microsystems and the Identity Server technical writers are interested in improving this documentation and welcomes your comments and suggestions. Use the following web-based form to provide feedback to us:

Please provide the full document title and part number in the appropriate fields. The part number can be found on the title page of the book or at the top of the document, and is usually a seven or nine digit number. For example, the part number of the Federation Management Guide is 817-6362.

Documentation Conventions Used in This Guide

In the Identity Server documentation, certain typographic conventions and terminology are used. These conventions are described in the following sections.

Typographic Conventions

This book uses the following typographic conventions:


The following terms are used in the Identity Server documentation set:

Related Information

Useful information can be found at the following locations:

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