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Sun Fire X4640 Server Installation Guide     Sun Fire X4640 Server Documentation Library
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Installation Overview

Sun Fire X4640 Server Front and Back Panel Features and Components

Sun Fire X4640 Server Front Panel Features and Components

Sun Fire X4640 Server Back Panel Features and Components

Installing the Server Hardware

Contents of the Box and Optional Documentation Media Kit

Tools and Staff Required

Compatible Racks

Slide Rail Kit

How to Remove Components to Reduce Weight

How to Install the Express Slide Rails Onto the Server and the Rack

How to Insert the Server Into the Rack

How to Verify Slide-Rail Operation

Installing the Cable Management Arm (CMA)

How to Attach the Cable Management Arm (CMA)

How to Verify Cable Management Arm (CMA) Operation

How to Remove the Cable Management Arm (CMA)

Removing the Server From the Rack

How to Remove the Server From the Rack

Cabling and Power

Cabling Diagram

How to Cable the Server

How to Apply Standby Power for Initial Service Processor Configuration

How to Power On All Server Components

How to Power Off the Server

Getting Service for Your Server

How to Find the Server's Serial Number

Sun Fire X4640 Server Specifications

Physical Specifications For the Sun Fire X4640 Server

Power Specifications For the Sun Fire X4640 Server

Environmental Specifications

Acoustic Specifications

Managing Your Server

Overview of ILOM Software

Communicating With the ILOM and the System Console

Server Connections

About ILOM SP IP Addresses and the ILOM Interfaces

Determining the SP IP Address

Connecting to the ILOM

Connecting to the System Console

Setting Up Your Operating System

OS Information Links

Configuring the Preinstalled Solaris OS

(Optional) How to Redirect the Console Output to the Video Port

How to Connect to the Server Using a Serial Capture Program

Solaris OS Information Products and Training


Overview of ILOM Software

Oracle's Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) provides advanced service processor hardware and software that you can use to manage and monitor your Oracle servers. ILOM's dedicated hardware and software is preinstalled on a variety of Sun server platforms, including x64-based Sun Fire servers, Sun Blade modular chassis systems, Sun Blade server modules, as well as on SPARC-based servers. ILOM is a vital management tool in the data center and can be used to integrate with other data center management tools already installed on your systems.

Oracle is currently transitioning many systems to support ILOM so that customers will have a single, consistent, and standards-based service processor (SP) across Sun's product lines. For customers, this means you have:

ILOM enables you to actively manage and monitor the server independently of the operating system state, providing you with a reliable Lights Out Management (LOM) system. With ILOM, you can proactively:

The ILOM service processor (SP) runs its own embedded operating system and has a dedicated Ethernet port, which together provide out-of-band management capability. In addition, you can access ILOM from the server's host operating system. Using ILOM, you can remotely manage your server as if you were using a locally attached keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

ILOM automatically initializes as soon as power is applied to your server. It provides a full-featured, browser-based web interface and has an equivalent command-line interface (CLI). There is also an industry-standard SNMP interface and IPMI interface.