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Sun Fire X4640 Server Installation Guide     Sun Fire X4640 Server Documentation Library
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Installation Overview

Sun Fire X4640 Server Front and Back Panel Features and Components

Sun Fire X4640 Server Front Panel Features and Components

Sun Fire X4640 Server Back Panel Features and Components

Installing the Server Hardware

Contents of the Box and Optional Documentation Media Kit

Tools and Staff Required

Compatible Racks

Slide Rail Kit

How to Remove Components to Reduce Weight

How to Install the Express Slide Rails Onto the Server and the Rack

How to Insert the Server Into the Rack

How to Verify Slide-Rail Operation

Installing the Cable Management Arm (CMA)

How to Attach the Cable Management Arm (CMA)

How to Verify Cable Management Arm (CMA) Operation

How to Remove the Cable Management Arm (CMA)

Removing the Server From the Rack

How to Remove the Server From the Rack

Cabling and Power

Cabling Diagram

How to Cable the Server

How to Apply Standby Power for Initial Service Processor Configuration

How to Power On All Server Components

How to Power Off the Server

Getting Service for Your Server

How to Find the Server's Serial Number

Sun Fire X4640 Server Specifications

Physical Specifications For the Sun Fire X4640 Server

Power Specifications For the Sun Fire X4640 Server

Environmental Specifications

Acoustic Specifications

Managing Your Server

Overview of ILOM Software

Communicating With the ILOM and the System Console

Server Connections

About ILOM SP IP Addresses and the ILOM Interfaces

Determining the SP IP Address

Connecting to the ILOM

Connecting to the System Console

Setting Up Your Operating System

OS Information Links

Configuring the Preinstalled Solaris OS

(Optional) How to Redirect the Console Output to the Video Port

How to Connect to the Server Using a Serial Capture Program

Solaris OS Information Products and Training


Slide Rail Kit

The slide rail kit that comes with your server is called the express slide rail or the tool-less slide rail because it is simpler than older slide rails. It can be used with both square-hole and round-hole racks. The cable management arm (CMA) might come in a separate box.

image:Graphic showing rackmount kit
Figure Legend
Slide rail (2)
Attaches to rack post. The slide rail has an outer rail and a middle section. The middle section has the ball bearings which slide forward and backward. Each end of the slide rail has an attachment assembly.
Mounting bracket (2)
Attaches to server. The mounting bracket is also called the inner section because it is inserted into the middle section of the slide rail.
(Optional) Cable management arm (CMA)
Included only with Express Slide Rail and CMA combination kit.
Shipping/hardmount hardware

Note - If you want to secure the server for shipping now or in the future, use the shipping hardware. It is not possible to install the shipping hardware after the slide rails are installed. It is better to install the shipping hardware during the slide rail installation.

The slide rail kit comes with the following shipping hardware:

image:Graphic showing shipping and hardmount hardware
Figure Legend
M6 screws (9)
To secure server for shipping, install 8 screws, 2 per rack post.

One extra screw is supplied.

Cage nuts
Cage nuts are required for shipping server in square-hole racks.