Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Calendar Issues for Communications Express


After Patch Upgrade in a Virtual Domain Setup, the Invitations Tab is Disabled.

When Communications Express is upgraded from JES4 non-virtual domain set up to Communications Suite version 5, virtual domain setup by applying a patch, the invitation tab is disabled in the calendar user interface.

Workaround: Clearing the calendar LDAP entries for the user enables the invitation tab.


The View and Edit Tasks Show Notes and Reminder Messages That Span Multiple Lines in a Single Line.

While adding Task notes and Remainder messages in a calendar, the notes or messages are displayed in a single line even if the user intends to have them in multiple lines.


Communications Express Displays Server Error While Importing a Large Calendar Import File

Communications Express displays a server error if a large calendar file is imported. Communications Express allows uploading of files that are within a defined limit. If the size of the file exceeds the defined value, the server displays an error. By default, Communications Express allows 4MB of data to be imported. This error is displayed in the calendar Import/Export window. Communications Express does not handle the server error or display an appropriate message.


Owner Cannot Edit or Delete Event/Task if Existing User is Migrated from Non-virtual Domain to Virtual Domain

Communications Express does not allow owners of the default calendar to edit or delete events, tasks, or invitations that they create when migrated from a non-virtual domain setup to a virtual domain setup. As a result, if an existing user in JES 4 non-hosted domain setup is migrated to hosted domain in Communications Suite version 5, the user cannot edit or delete events created.

Workaround: Explicitly assign read and write permissions by using the Manage Calendar option. For more information on Managing Calendars, refer to the Sun Java System Communications Express 6.3 Online Help.


The Calendar Component for Communications Express Behaves Incorrectly When Monthly Recurring Events are Scheduled

The calendar component for Communications Express behaves incorrectly when monthly recurring events are scheduled. For example, when you schedule a monthly recurring event on every second Thursday of a month, the first instance of the recurrence displays the event on a third Thursday.


Event Search Field in Calendar Does Not Recognize Wild Cards

Communications Express does not recognize wild cards for searching Events or Tasks.


Cannot Edit Imported Events and Tasks in Calendar

Communications Express does not allow editing of Events and Tasks that are imported from one calendar to the other (with allow... permissions set on both), for the same calendar owner.


Default Calendar View Changed to Day View in Calendar Express After Login to Communications Express

When new user is created using Delegated Administrator, after logging in to Calendar Express, the default view is displayed as overview view. However, after logging on to Communications Express, the icsextendeduserprefs are created in LDAP (the user is provisioned in the LDAP), and default view in Calendar is created as day view (ceDefaultView=dayview) so when user logs in back to Calendar Express the day view is displayed.

Communications Express does not provide an overview view. The only supported views are day view, week view, month view, and year view, When user logs in to Communications Express the user is provisioned in the LDAP (by initializing various properties like, ceDefaultView). These default values are picked from So when user logs in back to Calendar Express, it uses this value from LDAP to find out the display view.

Users may find that the default view for Calendar Express and Communications Express are different when switching from Calendar Express to Communications Express.


MiniCalendar is not opening for "Start Date", if we Select "No Due Date" in the New/Edit Task Window for Internet Explorer

When users create or edit a task from the Calendar tab in Communications Express, the miniature calendar icon is disabled in the row containing the Start Date. This happens when the No Due Date check box is selected for the task. This bug has is seen only when the browser used is Internet Explorer 6.


Communications Express Calendar Web Exception When Searching Calendar Groups for an Event

The Communications Express calendar client displays an exception if a user searches a calendar group consisting of owned and subscribed calendars for events of interest. If a user creates a calendar group and wants to search this group for a particular event, the Communications Express client returns with an error that the page cannot be displayed. As a result, a user cannot search the calendar group for an event and will need to search each calendar individually.

This problem depends on the alphabetical ordering of the event names. If the event in the owner's calendar is alphabetically before the event in the subscribed calendar, the problem may not occur. This problem occurs when the event in the subscribed calendar begins with a letter that is alphabetically before the event in the owner's calendar.