Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Mail Issues for Communications Express


Direct Delivery of Mails to a Multi-byte Shared Folder Corrupts the Recipients Email Address

When mails are sent to a multi-byte shared folder, the recipient's email address is corrupted and the mail is not delivered to the multi-byte shared folder, instead it is delivered to the inbox of the user where the multi-byte shared folder is created. It only works if the recipient's shared folder is created using IMAP-MUTF 7

Workaround: Disable the popup blocker for this URL in your browser.


Communications Express Does Not Behave as Desired when Popup Blockers are Enabled in Browsers

When users enable the pop-up blocker feature in their browsers, the Compose, Reply, Reply All, Forward, and Forward Inline windows of Communications Express are not displayed even though they are valid pop-ups with respect to the application. Communications Express does not let the browsers know that this is a valid pop—up.


The Quota Bar in the Mail Component of Communications Express is not Refreshed With the Size Limit Unless Users View Other Pages that Cause the Page to Refresh Itself.

Communications Express does not refresh and display the status of the quota in the Mail component when mails are sent or received. The updated size is refreshed when users view other pages like Manage Folder, or open an email that causes the page to refresh. The mail quota bar is displayed correctly in cases where the action of the user causes the page to refresh itself.


When User Logs in Through a Domain Specific URL Without Providing, the Mail Tab is Missing

This bug is seen when users log on to Communications Express that is configured with hosted domain support. In a hosted domain scenario, users should log on using the uid along with the virtual domain name. For example If the user logs on to Communications Express without specifying the hosted domain, the Mail tab does not appear.

Workaround:While logging on to the virtual domain, provide the virtual host URL on the browser, for example <virtualdomain>, and then log on to the virtual domain using the mail tab is shown. Here:

  • <virtualdomain> is the configured virtual domain name under the default domain ( in the example)

  • uid is the user id of the user on the virtual domain


Saving Draft with Multiple Copies of Same Attachment Removes all Duplicate Name Attachments

This bug is seen when users save drafts of email that have multiple attachments with the same name, regardless of the size of the attachment. At the time of saving the draft, duplicate copies of the attachments are lost and only one copy is retained in the draft. The email is correctly sent along with multiple copies of the same attachment if sent without saving the draft.

In another scenario, if users try to save email drafts that have vCard attachments, the vCard attachments are lost at the time of saving the draft. This works fine if the users sends the mail without saving the draft.