Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Release Notes

Address Book Issues


The Address Book Component of Communications Express Does Not Validate the Format of the File That is Being Imported

Communications Express does not validate the file formats when trying to import already exported address book contacts. As a result of this, if a file exported in one file format is imported as another file format, inappropriate error messages are displayed, and in certain cases incorrect contact data is imported.

  • For example, if users try to import an LDIF file by selecting the Import Format as Microsoft CSV or Address book CSV type from the Import and Export Address Book window of the Address Book component, the following error message is displayed:

    The file selected for import is empty or does not exist

    The Address Book component does not validate the file format that is being imported.

  • If an LDIF format type file is imported as a Thunderbird CSV format, Address book creates 10 contacts for the one contact exported.

  • If a Microsoft CSV format type file is imported as a Thunderbird CSV format, Address book creates multiple contacts.


Communications Express Displays a Configuration Error When Users Try to Search in the Corporate Directory With a Valid Keyword

Communications Express displays the following error message when users try to search the corporate directory with a valid keyword:

						Your server is not configured properly or your search query has exceeded the limit. 
								Please check server configuration

Compose Window is Not Displayed to the User When Popup Blocker is Enabled in the Browsers

This issue is seen when users enable the popup blocker feature in their browser. On enabling popup blockers, when users click on the email address of their contacts in the Address Books, Communications Express does not open the mail compose window even when this is a valid pop up window.

Workaround: Disable the pop-up blocker feature for the domain.


The Address Book Name Cannot be Localized by defaultps/dictionary-<lang\>.xml for Every Session

The address book name cannot be localized because the localized value which is based on the resolved session language and the domain specific defaultps/dictionary-<lang\>.xml is assigned when the address book is accessed for the first time.

The “Name” and “Description” entered in the Address Book Options page are also not displayed in the current Address Book drop-down list that appears on the Address Book tab page.


Importing Data from Outlook CSV Format Creates Invalid Birthday and Anniversary.

When users try to import Microsoft Outlook data in CSV format into Communications Express, the entries for Birthday and Anniversary are incorrectly set to 00/00/00.


LDAP Connection Pool does not get Refreshed

The problem occurs when the values specified for the LDAP pool refresh parameter in the (ldapusersession.ldappoolrefresh ) and (defaultserver .ldappoolrefresh) file are greater than the configured firewall time-out value. An error is displayed on the browser complaining of a misconfiguration. Consider the following scenario where the LDAP pool refresh is configured as 30 seconds:

  1. Configure a firewall between Communications Express and the Directory Server host that stores all the LDAP user entries.

  2. Add a firewall rule that closes the TCP connection if there are no connection requests for 15 seconds.

  3. Leave Communications Express idle for more than 30 seconds.

  4. Try to login, or if already logged in, try to search for a user in the address book. An error is displayed at the client's browser complaining of a misconfiguration.

Workaround: The ldappoolrefresh parameters in the and files should be lesser than the firewall time-out value.