Sun Java System Communications Express 6.3 Administration Guide

Setting the Properties to Enable Single Sign-on in Communications Express With Access Manager

Open the uwc-deployed-path/WEB-INF/config/ file.

Modify the following Communications Express parameters in file to enable Access Manager Single Sign-on.




Specifies whether Access Manager is enabled. 

Initially the value is set by the configuration wizard. 

Set the attribute to true to enable Access Manager.

Set the attribute to false to disable Access Manager.


Specifies the cookie name used by Access Manager. 

The value of uwcauth.identity.cookiename should correspond to the value specified in Access Manager configurator.

The default cookie name used by Access Manager is iPlanetDirectoryPro


Specifies the complete DN of amadmin.

For example: 

uid=amAdmin, ou=People,,

Note: The uwcauth.identity.binddn and uwcauth.identity.bindcred values should correspond to the values entered when you install Access Manager.

For example, uwcauth.identity.binddn=uid=amAdmin, ou=People,, and uwcauth.identity.bindcred=password.


Specifies the password of amadmin.


Specifies the port number that Communications Express listens to when Communications Express is configured on a non SSL port. 

The default port number is 80.


Specifies the HTTPS port number that Communications Express listens to when Communications Express is configured on an SSL port. 

The default HTTPS port number is 443


Specifies the single sign-off status. 

If set to true the logout destroys the Access Manager session completely and all applications participating in this Access Manager session are signed out.

If set to false, only the Communications Express session is destroyed and the user is taken to the URL configured in identitysso.portalurl.

The default status is true.


Specifies the URL to which Communications Express must be redirected. 

If Access Manager is enabled and single sign-off is set to false, Communications Express is redirected to the URL assigned in identitysso.portalurl.

By default Communications Express is redirected to

Set the value of the parameter uwcauth.messagingsso.enable to false when you set up Communications Express for Access Manager Single sign-on.

Communications Express will now use the Access Manager’s Single sign-on mechanism for obtaining valid user sessions.