Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Specify Configuration Data

For a Configure Now installation, the installer presents one or more configuration pages for the selected product components that can be configured during installation. The following information can help in your selection:

Some of the fields in a configuration pages display default values from the Common Server Settings page. These values can be edited.

Note –

You must use Access Manager Legacy (6.x) installation type if you are installing Access Manager with Messaging Server, Calendar Server, Delegated Administrator, or Instant Messaging. Access Manager Realm (7.x) installation type can only be used if you are not installing any of these product components.

  1. As the individual configuration pages are displayed, specify the information for the settings.

    Defaults are displayed for configuration values, except for passwords.

  2. Click Next to proceed to the next product component configuration page.

  3. When you click Next on the final configuration page, installation-time configuration is done.

    The Ready to Install page is displayed.