Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Specify a Configuration Type and Common Settings

If some of the product components you have chosen can be configured during installation, the Configuration Type page is displayed. You have the following configuration choices:

  1. Specify a configuration type from the following options:

    • Configure Now (the default). Allows you to configure product components that permit configuration at installation time. Your Configure Now tasks include specifying the common server settings, and entering the configuration information for the product components selected.

      Note –

      Some product components cannot be configured during installation. If any of these product components were selected, you receive a message saying that you will need to configure these product components after installation.

    • Configure Later. You enter only the minimum values that are necessary for installing the packages. The installer proceeds without doing further configuration. If you chose the Configure Later type, skip to To Install the Software.

  2. Choose how your administrator user ID and password should be entered.

    If you selected more than one product component that uses administrator user ID and password, the Password Choice Panel is displayed.

    Note –

    When passwords are entered, they must be at least 8 characters long. The following special characters cannot be used:

    ; & ( ) ! | < > ' “ $ ^ \ # / , @ %

    • Use a single administrator account and password. (default) If you accept the default, you will enter the administrator user ID and password once, and the these fields will not be displayed again on the configuration pages.

    • Use different administrator account for each product. If you select this option, you will be asked to enter administrator user ID and password on the configuration pages for each of the selected components.

  3. For a Configure Now installation, specify common server settings.

    Either accept the defaults, or use alternate data to answer the installer questions regarding these global fields. Values that you enter here appear as default values on subsequent product component configuration pages. Refer to online help or to Common Settings in Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Reference for UNIX for information on these fields.

  4. Click Next to proceed.

    For a Configure Now installation, the configuration pages for each product component that can be configured during installation are displayed one by one.

    Tip –

    Configuration values are gathered by the installer as you proceed through the installation. After installation is completed, you can access this information in the Installation Summary in the following locations:

    Solaris OS: /var/sadm/install/logs

    Linux: /var/opt/sun/install/logs