Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Clean up a Partial Installation

  1. Use the following command to determine whether any packages were partially installed.

    Solaris OS: pkginfo -p


    rpm -qa |grep —I ^sun | xargs rpm -V

    The command output lists any partially installed packages. Using the package names returned, refer to Chapter 5, List of Installable Packages, in Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Reference for UNIX to discover what product component the packages belong to.

  2. Remove components or packages.

    • On Solaris 9 or 10, use the prodreg tool.

      The prodreg tool manages the package-based components on your host. You can view product components and their packages, with full information, including interdependencies. You can use the prodreg tool to safely uninstall product components and remove packages. Once you have removed a product component with the prodreg tool, you can reinstall.

    • On Linux, use the rpm -e command.

      To edit the product registry file, open the file /var/opt/sun/install/productregistry. This XML file describes each product component. Each product component description starts with a <compid\> tag and ends with a </compid\> tag. Delete the entire entry for the product component.

  3. Verify that the following directories do not contain Communications Suite product components or packages:




  4. Run the installer again.