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Removing and Replacing a Fan Module

This document describes replacement procedures for the fan module customer replaceable unit (CRU) installed in the Sun Storage J4200 Array disk tray. This document assumes you have:

This product is intended for restricted access whereby access is controlled through the use of a means of security (e.g., key, lock, tool, badge access), and personnel authorized for access have been instructed on the reasons for the restrictions and any precautions that need to be taken.

ESD Precautions

When performing this service action, observe the following electrostatic discharge (ESD) precautions:

Fan Module Locations

caution icon Caution - Only trained service personnel should remove the covers on this equipment.

FIGURE 1 illustrates the location of fan module 0 and 1.

FIGURE 1 Location of Fan Module 0 (left) and 1 (right)

Figure showing back view of the J4200 and fan module 0 (left) and 1 (right).


FIGURE 2 shows the location of the fan module handle, LED, and captive screw.

FIGURE 2 Fan Module Components

Figure showing location of handle, LED, and captive screw

Figure Legend


Fan module handle


Fan status LED


Captive screw

Removing and Replacing a Fan Module

This section describes how to remove and replace a fan module.

caution icon Caution - The power supplies in this equipment can produce high energy hazards. Only personnel with authorized access to this equipment should remove and replace modules in the system.

procedure icon  To Remove a Fan Module

1. Locate the failed fan module.

The Fan status LED is amber. (See FIGURE 2.)

caution icon Caution - Potential loss of data access - Never remove a fan module unless the Cooling module status LED is amber. Data loss could occur if one fan module fails and you inadvertently remove the operational fan.

2. Loosen the captive screw on the failed fan module. (See FIGURE 2.)

3. Pull the fan module handle toward you and slide the module out of the tray.

FIGURE 3 Removing a Fan Module

caution icon Caution - For products with multiple power cords, all power cords must be disconnected to completely remove power from the system.

Figure showing removal action of the failed fan module.

procedure icon  To Replace a Fan Module

caution icon Caution - Folllow all ESD precautions (see ESD Precautions) and use care when handling either the new or failed fan module.

1. Unpack the new fan module and do one of the following:

2. Align the new fan module with the open slot and push in to seat the module in the tray.

3. Tighten the captive screw to secure the fan module to the tray.

FIGURE 4 Replacing a Fan Module

Figure showing insertion action of the replacement fan module.

procedure icon  To Verify and Complete the Fan Module Replacement

single-step bullet  Verify the Fan status LED is solid green (see FIGURE 2).

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