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Sun ONE Message Queue Installation Guide

List of Tables

Table 1   Book Contents    

Table 2   Document Conventions    

Table 3   MQ Environment Variables    

Table 4   MQ Documentation Set    

Table 1-1   MQ 3.0 Product Support Matrix    

Table 1-2   MQ Software Modules    

Table 1-3   Installed Directory Structure    

Table 1-4   Compatibility of MQ 3.0 with iMQ 2.0 Data    

Table 2-1   Hardware and Software Requirements for Solaris    

Table 2-2   Packages in Solaris Bundle    

Table 2-3   Broker Startup Configuration Properties    

Table 3-1   Hardware and Software Requirements for Linux    

Table 4-1   Hardware and Software Requirements for Windows    

Table 4-2   Windows Installation Defaults    

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