Sun Java System Communications Services 2005Q4 Release Notes

Installation Notes

The following services need to be installed and configured for Communications Express:

ProcedureProducts to be installed for Communications Express

  1. Directory Server - Install Sun Java TM System Directory Server 5 2005Q1.

  2. Calendar Server - Install Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4.

  3. Web Server - Install Sun Java System Web Server version 6.1 SP4.

  4. Messaging Server - Install Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4.

  5. Access Manager - Install Sun Java System Access Manager 6 2005Q4.

  6. Application Server - Install Sun Java System Application Server 8 2005Q4.

    Refer to Chapter 2, Installing and Configuring Communications Express, in Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide for instructions on how to install and configure Sun Java System Communications Express.